At My Dental and Implants, we understand patients may experience dental problems outside regular business hours. If you are seeking an emergency dentist “near me” around Avondale, Arizona, we invite you to call our office for urgent dental care solutions.

What services does an emergency dental office near me provide?

An emergency dental office such as My Dental and Implants in the Avondale, Arizona, area is a specialized dental facility that provides immediate care and treatment for our patients experiencing sudden or severe dental problems. Our office can operate outside of regular business hours, such as nights, weekends, and holidays, to cater to the urgent dental needs of current or new patients. 

Emergency dental offices provide a range of services that are designed to address various types of dental emergencies, including:

  • Severe toothaches. If you are experiencing severe and persistent tooth pain, an emergency dental office can provide quick relief by diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of your toothache. This may involve performing a root canal, extracting a damaged or infected tooth, or prescribing medication to manage the pain
  • Tooth fractures and chips. Accidents happen, and sometimes they result in damage to your teeth. If you’ve experienced a chipped or fractured tooth, an emergency dental office can repair the damage and prevent any further complications
  • Lost fillings or crowns. Dental restorations, including fillings and crowns, can fall out unexpectedly, causing discomfort and leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay or further damage. Our urgent dental care practice can replace lost fillings or crowns and ensure the affected tooth is protected
  • Loose or knocked-out teeth. If you have a loose tooth or have completely lost a tooth due to an injury, time is of the essence. An emergency dental practice can help reattach the tooth or stabilize it until further treatment can be provided

Where can I find an emergency dental office near me?

If you are seeking a same-day dentist “near me” in the area of Avondale, AZ, call Dr. Nima Afzalian and his dedicated team of My Dental and Implants at (623) 526-2330 and visit at 6637 West Peoria Avenue, Suite D-2 of Glendale.

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Dr. Nima Afzalian's EAT Bio

Dr. Nima Afzalian's

Dr. Nima Afzalian's journey in dentistry began at 12 when he experienced the transformative power of dental care during a tooth-filling procedure. That pivotal moment ignited his passion for dentistry, and he has since dedicated his life to making a difference in people's lives by relieving pain and discomfort through his expertise.

Nima earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Biomedical Engineering from the prestigious Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. Subsequently, he obtained his dentistry doctorate from the Midwestern College of Dental Medicine, graduating with honors, with recognition in Dental Implants and the Dean's Award as the Top Clinician of his class.

With his extensive education, clinical excellence, and genuine dedication to patient well-being, Dr. Nima Afzalian is excited to provide you with the highest level of care for all your dental needs. When you choose Dr. Nima, your oral health is in capable hands!

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